How to ascertain the tightness of any injections molding device

  • 1. The best way to see whether the injections molding machine is depressurized?

    Use mold modification to modify the mildew too snugly, meaning that the equipment can still sustain high-strain mildew clamping but cannot secure. Change the stress and circulation rate of your high-pressure secure towards the greatest, by hand click the fungus locking mechanism key, maintain demanding it,custom plastic injection molding, and never release it. See the stress gauge to see if the pointer might be stored nevertheless. When the pointer fails to glide slowly and gradually, it indicates that the gas water pump is not really depressurizing. , If the pointer slowly and gradually tumbles, it means that this oils pump is depressurizing.

    2. How to ascertain the tightness of the attach method (the tightness in the non-come back engagement ring/attach)

    Right after the fasten is dissolved in the manufacturing, extend it for quite a while, make sure the product or service and runner method are completely cooled, alter the semi-automatic to manual, start off the adhesive injections, and notice the screw position simultaneously, in case the attach techniques ahead slowly, it implies that this attach program has adhesive loss, or else it really is There is not any stick leakage.



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