Compared with traditional property management system technology

  • When the Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and big data property management software analysis and calculation technologies are integrated, the construction of smart city properties makes it possible for all things to be connected to enterprises. With the continuous development and improvement of social people’s requirements for living and living environments, especially for The management system service of the residential property company has new requirements.

    Faced with a series of pain points such as high operating costs for traditional Chinese property companies, lack of a scientific and effective management mechanism for improving service quality, a single profit model, and difficulty in profitability, many outstanding traditional property companies have switched from traditional properties to smart properties.

    So, compared with traditional property service systems, what are the advantages of smart property management information platforms?

    In traditional property management, the pain points of property service companies are:

    1. Difficulty in property collection

    The service does not meet the needs of the owners, and the property fees are difficult to collect

    2. Rising labor costs

    The development of the traditional property service market is becoming saturated, and the actual labor costs continue to increase

    3. Low service efficiency

    Wide service groups, messy content, lack of effective management mechanism for improving service enterprises

    4. Single profit model

    The property company collects property fee income and cannot provide a variety of facilities and services for the property

    5. Poor publicity

    The traditional point-to-group communication method is adopted, and the effect of emergency notification delivery is poor

    Pain points for community owners

    Inconvenient payment

    The form of charging is single, and it is impossible to achieve enterprise differentiated charging, and it is easy to develop a situation that causes delayed payment and inconvenient payment.

    Not timely report for repair

    Traditional repair methods lack initiative, cumbersome processing efficiency is not high, and actual implementation is poor

    Other demand space is small

    Smart communities are in full swing, the popularity of community O2O operations is declining, and traditional communities cannot carry multiple roles

    The so-called intelligent property management is to realize intelligent management through the application of big data collection, big data analysis, Internet of Things operation platform, intelligent equipment and facility management platform, community assets and service operation platform, etc., to provide standardized, refined and professional services for all kinds of customers. Customized and customized services.

    Intelligent property management platform can solve

    (1) Solve the problem of property charges;

    2. Solve a problem of community visitor management;

    3. Improve the quality of property services;

    4. Solve China's property management access control, payment of property and parking fees, problems, reporting for repairs and other issues;

    5. The real seamless connection of monitoring, access control, sidewalk ramp, self-branded automatic identification information system, intercom system, etc. can all be realized through the network platform system at the same time;

    6. Online value-added product services and operations of property management.

    Subject management

    The platform supports multi-public number multi-community operation and management, and the same function runs in different cities.

    The main body of the system is composed of a property company and four other modules focusing on community management. The platform can tailor a management system with multiple official accounts and multiple communities for the property company.

    Each module is detailed to each building, each store, and each parking space, which is conducive to the overall supervision of the property management company.

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