Let you stay away from obesity, learn more and lose weight fast

  • Getting fat is not just for nothing. In daily study and life, in addition to the need to take in too many calories, which will affect your body, there are also many reasons for us to make you fat.

    If you do not pay attention to your daily life, your body fat percentage will slowly increase. Especially after middle age, such as muscle

    Learn more of these tips to avoid 蔡加赞 getting fat, and you can help you stay away from the troubles of obesity!

    1. Dieting will not even make you lose weight, stay away from excessive dieting

    In the process of weight loss, many people always choose to diet to lose weight. The experience of most people who lose weight tells you: dieting and weight loss do not make you lose weight, but it will make you rebound and gain weight, so don't diet to lose weight.

    2. Eat breakfast and dinner, eat three meals normally

    During the weight loss period, many people researched that the Chinese breakfast or not eating dinner or can make oneself lose weight faster, but in fact, breakfast and dinner are very important.

    Breakfast must not only be eaten, but also good quality, supplemented with protein to improve the body's metabolic level, and dinner must also be eaten, eat more vegetables, you can supplement the body's required nutrients.

    3. The speed of eating should be controlled (chewing slowly)

    When eating, we must be innovative and remind us of the speed at which our children eat. When people are not eating, they will always involuntarily eat quickly, which leads to eating too much and eating too much, causing damage to your intestines and stomach. The pressure on students is relatively large. When eating, learn to chew slowly, which can effectively avoid overeating.

    4. Drink a glass of water 30 minutes before meals

    Consistently drink a glass of water 10 minutes before three meals a day, which can effectively reduce your appetite and enhance your feeling of fullness. A glass of water can reduce the amount of food you eat and reduce the intake of calories when you eat, thereby effectively reducing the intake of these calories, and can also effectively develop and reduce your appetite.

    5. Don't sit for a long time

    In daily life, whether it is work, study or boredom, don't let yourself develop the habit of sitting. Because people's inertia starts from making one's body comfortable, don't make your body comfortable, but get up and exercise, otherwise the body's metabolism level will drop and only accelerate the accumulation of fat.

    6. Don't sit after meals, go for more walks.

    Do not allow students to sit down after meals. Sitting on one will only hinder gastrointestinal motility and affect our body's metabolism. Therefore, try to get yourself up and walk around as much as possible after a meal, promote the peristalsis of the baby's stomach and intestines, and improve the digestion and absorption capacity of the body.

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