Is it better to install a toilet in the bathroom or squat?


    In fact, whether it is a squat toilet or 座廁選擇 a squat toilet, they have their own advantages, and there is no need to belittle anyone:

    Toilet advantages:

    1) Beautiful

    Squatting is just a pit exposed outside. In terms of appearance, it is certain that the design of the student does not use the toilet to look good.

    In order to capture the hearts of the people, the current toilets are designed more delicately. We even have a suspension system design, which is placed in the bathroom to enhance the value of the development space.

    2) Comfortable to use

    Sitting on the toilet and sitting on the toilet, in contrast, you must sit at a high level of comfort; especially squatting for a long time is easy to pain in the waist and damage the knees.

    3) Smooth launching

    There are pipes designed to siphon or pass through the toilet water 旋渦式坐廁 to ensure the speed and smoothness of the students’ water treatment. However, the structural analysis of the squat toilet can be relatively simple, and the water speed is slow.

    Squatting advantages:

    1) Clean and hygienic

    Squatting has an incomparable corporate advantage to the toilet-clean and hygienic, because we don't need to touch the skin of the society, and it is relatively hygienic and clean.

    However, the toilet area needs to be cleaned immediately after use, or long-term use is easy to breed bacteria. Especially for guests at home, the inconvenience of the bathroom is even more obvious.

    2) Save space

    Another advantage of squatting is that it saves space. In a small bathroom 座廁選擇 less than 3 square meters, squatting is definitely more economical than the toilet, and it is easy to separate dry and wet.

    3) Good clean

    The squatting stool is washed frequently, which can basically satisfy the maintenance of a clean; the sundries that are usually cleaned can also be dumped directly into the squatting stool, which is very trouble-free.

    4) Low cost

    The price of a good toilet on the market is basically a few thousand dollars, and you can buy a good one with a high cost performance by squatting for a few hundred yuan.

    Which one is suitable for home installation:

    The home is more suitable for going to the toilet or squatting, depending on the family's habits on the one hand, and on the other hand, it also depends on the size of the house.

    1) If there are elderly and children in the house, it is more appropriate to install a toilet; it is best to install handrails on the wall of the toilet to make it safer for the elderly to go to the toilet. After all, the toilet is damp and dark, and you will fall over if you are not careful.

    2) If you don't have too high technical requirements for comfort, and you want to save money and improve, you can choose to squat.

    3) If we don't have a house with two bathrooms in our house, it is recommended to squat in the guest bathroom, and install the toilet in the main bathroom. Usually, people in your own family come to use the guest bathroom, so you don't have to worry about being clean.

    If you are worried that the squat will be easy to step on, you can directly choose the squat with a lid. You don't need to cover it, which is beautiful and clean.

    4) There is enough space in the bathroom, so you might as well install a toilet and a squatting pan to make it more comfortable.

    Pay attention to the problem of installing squatting:

    If you plan to install and squat, here are 2 tips:

    1) Try to do sinking squatting, which is convenient for us to use and clean;

    2) Choose the entire squat position, so that no lifting design is needed, and it is safer to use.

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