New World MMO - Some players use special commands to avoid atta

  • New World MMO has been welcomed by players since its release on September 23. Every day, more and more new players enter the dangerous island named Aeternum to explore. And those players who already have some knowledge of Aeternum Island began to look for some interesting content in the game-such as game mechanics that can be used. Obviously, these players' experiments have had phased results, and some of the videos they showed show that there are indeed some additional useful New World Coins action instructions in the game. This brings more interesting changes to the exciting battles in the game.

    Like many games, New World has some interesting hitbox interactions that players like Redditor Rterry112 can exploit to cut back the possibilities of being hit by enemies. Rterry112 has found a fighting style that involves lots of suddenly dropping liable to avoid attacks and rolling removed from overhead blows, a method that may reportedly be attained in any of latest World's armor sets.

    In the video, a hammer-wielding player is shown approaching a Gillgut Ghoul enemy. After hitting the opponent, the player immediately drops to the bottom to avoid the follow-up shot, then rises to require another shot. The result's a time-consuming battle where the player spends longer on the bottom than on their feet, but they only seem to require one hit from the enemy. in an exceedingly game where weapon and armor clipping are often a true problem, this fighting style could also be incredibly effective.

    The hit-and-drop-prone strategy allows the player to dodge the bulk of the enemy's attacks, with the most threat faced by the player being overhead blows. However, these attacks tend to possess a protracted wind-up animation, giving the player the chance to roll to safety. Another potential issue is that the length of your time it takes for the player to complete the prone animation--the hit the player is shown taking occurs while they're within the process of getting down. This fighting style may be slightly less effective in New World's PvP, but it seems to figure well in PvE gameplay.

    As of writing, it appears that other fans are rather impressed with Rterry112's ingenuity. Several users began discussing other hitbox exploits, like the tendency for players who are gathering to not be where they seem to be. Another group of users began discussing whether the prone roll mechanic might be utilized in heavy armor, and why New World includes such a large amount of odd commands like prone within the first place. New World could Buy New World Coins be a complicated game, but it seems that players are well on their thanks to mastering a number of its mechanics.

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