He Rack usually will send a confirmation of what we owe

  • Another victim said the scheme reportedly had "so many people" who signed up that Rack and Raangee the other NBA 2K player allegedly involved in NBA2king the scheme came up with an FAQ document to explain how the scheme was carried out.

    According to the document obtained from P.TV, Raangee claimed he was just "the person who was granted the chance for others" while Rack and another accomplice, identified as Calvin who doesn't seem to be part of the NBA 2K community, dealt with the financial side of the plan. (P.TV was not able to reach Calvin and is deciding not to publish his name.

    "First first I'd like to make clear that what we're undertaking is not at all illegal," Rangee says in the FAQ document, obtained by P.TV. Rangee states that if the practice was illegal, it would be illegal because it is not worth the chance of being in jail.

    If this were a scam, I and [Rack] wouldn't take the risk of making our names public so that others could see. The community I belong to is too important to me and I have spent a lot of time trying to make my name known."

    Simply put, victims were led to believe that if they gave a sum of Buy MT PS4 money to Calvin, they would then be returned (by Rack) with unusually high interest rates. In addition, Raangee would receive a 25 percent cut in the form of recruitment fee. "He Rack usually will send a confirmation of what we owe, and the funds arrive in 7-14 business days due to his security measures at the bank," the FAQ document claims.