As stated above the new Rocket League model 1

  • As stated above, the new Rocket League model 1.Seventy three update is by and large aimed at giving us new Esports Shop content material to Rocket League Credits  purchase. Right now, we’re unaware if whatever else may be converting within the update or not as the overall patch notes aren't yet available. Of path, we’ll update this manual with the patch notes once they pass live toward February 4. For now, although, discover which Esports content material may be added into the game.

    On top of all of that, NRG Esports is being updated to get in-line with the team’s new logos. The new-appearance NRG Esports items could be added into Esports Shop rotation at the side of the above new group gadgets. If you want to rep the vintage NRG designs nonetheless, you may, as the ones gadgets will stay in your stock, but it seems you received’t be able to shop for gadgets of that design anymore.