A large number of players are addicted to Aion Classic again.

  • In the past, Aion fans have been waiting for Classic. Now that Aion Classic is officially launched, players do not need to wait for a long time. NCSoft announced the release time of the Aion Forum's mark and a World First event, through which players can obtain the original legendary title. If you have installed Classic and created your character, things should be faster. You can use the NCSoft client to do it in advance.

    Now available on North American servers, the Aion classic may be the return of Ellis and Asmodian at the beginning of the adventure, and the other is the rekindling of the old quarrel. Just like Blizzard's World of Warcraft classic, this may be a relaunch of the permanent MMORPG originally launched by NCSoft in 2009. The new version is an upgrade to the old version. Players who want to quickly become familiar with the new game mode can Buy Aion Classic Gold. Although the title may not have the same amazing graphics impact, players will find some high fantasy legends and several unique flying combat systems.

    Now, players who are still eager to fight fiercely on the Abyssal Aura or need to have Siels again can do so. Playing as any Daeva player, re-adjusting to the current classic version of Aion will find that the clock goes back to your original release date and improves life by integrating appearance advantages. You will be able to choose from the first four release professions, fighters, scouts, priests, and wizards, and use the power of ether. When you're ready, get ready to adventure in the wild and deal with 50-level story missions. Compared with the current version of Aion, proceed at a more leisurely speed, deal with long-forgotten dungeons, and indulge in some very good things in the abyss Fighting faction PvP.

    Whether you consider hiring to join the Asmiodians and Elyos factions, you may want to join. Although Aion Classic is free to play, today's version has some obvious shortcomings, namely zero cost. As in the past, Aion Classic will be subscription-based. Players can find Siel's halo, which can unlock a complete experience gain and the ability to obtain useful in-game currency and items. Universal currency can meet the needs of most players. To prepare for the role, players can prepare Buy Aion Classic Gold in advance. To celebrate the release and attract you, starting today, players can subscribe to Aion Classic for one week for free.