The classic and gorgeous return of the Aion.

  • In 2009, the concept of Atreia opened its doors to players from all over the world. The Aion not only provides a unique epic but also accompanies the merciless war between Ellis and the Asmodians. The release of Aion marks the arrival of a whole generation. More than ten years later, the MMO manufactured by NC Soft is preparing to return to its roots through Aion Classic.

    Relive version 1.0 of the Aion. Aion Classic allows players to analyze the game's release and title patch version 1.0. Version 1.0 has 4 playable categories. However, the experience will include features in subsequent patches, especially version 2.7. This provides better game optimization and class balance. The game becomes more and more perfect as the version upgrades. In order to form a team to complete the task as soon as possible, most players will choose Buy Aion Classic Kinah during the game. The patching process of the new version has also been simplified to provide the best gaming experience for novices.

    For this latest version, Aion Classic provides itself with an economic model. Like the original version, the game may be free to play, but players can get an optional subscription plan. Two formulas will be provided because both versions provide Siel halo without time limit, gain, and experience improvements. A battle pass called Daeva Pass will also be provided. Among other things, this lets you access cosmetics and exclusive components. Taking advantage of the lively atmosphere before E3, NC Soft announced the launch of the Aion classic on June 23rd.

    Aion Classic is currently only available in North America. Players can keep their own specific character names, or they can use the in-game editor to create and customize their names. As a reward, when the player keeps his hero, he will be entitled to a high-end mascot. However, the Aion Classic is only available exclusively in the United States. No European date was announced. Players who have not been allowed to enter the game will still wait. Players in the game will choose Buy Aion Classic Kinah in order to reduce the difficulty of the task. Players from other countries look forward to releasing Aion Classic games in their own countries.