The problems encountered by the Aion classic.

  • Aion Classic needs to preset a variety of emergencies in advance. Because Aion Classic as a new game released in the gaming circle is a beginner. Although NCSoft seems to be able to go all out to assure existing players, the monetization model does not stimulate pay-to-win comparisons. Nevertheless, players can also choose Buy Aion Classic Gold. Players need to discover many ways to enjoy the game. Aion Classic has many problems that need to be solved. Especially when the player can use cash in the game environment and then sell it in-game currency.

    MMO Fallout first reported that if you think players can find pink tiger candy. It can then be sold to in-game suppliers in exchange for currency. This is not new in games or MMOs because EVE Online has a similar sales model to others. You can get in-game vouchers and sell in-game currency in them. However, the inclusion of the item, as well as other issues with subscription costs. Coupled with the battle pass launched by Aion, players are very excited.

    The Redditor of the official MMORPG subreddit causes Aion Classic to look like a game. Designed to allow you to swipe your credit card or leave it behind. The player's experience in the game can inspire game designers. Players choosing Buy Aion Classic Gold is one of the expressions. A Redditor eliminated the cost of the Pink Tiger Candy project and detailed how fast it can accumulate 3 million game currency. All of this requires about $11 in real currency.

    Since Aion Classic is usually a free game, it has a sub-model to attract those who want the benefits and extra experience it brings to you, and the monetization method always seems to be part of the deal here. However, such as the high price combat discount in the subscription model. And the idea of a way to get rich can be purchased immediately. It does not necessarily alleviate the fear of using the player community.