Aion Classic was launched in the Americas on June 23.

  • The Aion designer released the latest news. The Aion game has been tested and launched and will meet with players soon. If you are not used to this, it is very similar to WoW Classic and Old-School Runescape. It is a retro version of Aion and may take you back to the early days of the server and several initial expansions and adventures designed for MMORPG. So far, this is very popular in Europe. Because players flocked to relive the genre of the game. Players in the Western world can also feel it today. The game was released on June 23, and Founders Packs are now on sale.

    The Aion Classic will find the return of some iconic dungeons early in the game.  Only the original four character classes will probably be available to players, and players can each use two original subclasses. In keeping with the spirit in the classic MMORPG experience. Each version of the game has exciting features. To fully experience the excitement, players can try Buy Aion Kinah. Player progress in the Aion may be moderate to increase the player's chances of looking around the world in Asmodians and Elyos.

    Aion Classic should provide players with a subscription-based model. At the same time as a game exemption option. By purchasing Siel's Aura with real money, players can purchase regular subscriptions for 30, 90, or 365 days. There is also a 3-day pass. The free choice of players is open to everyone, but these players will gain experience slower than subscribers. The Aion Classic will also receive a battle pass, Daeva Pass, which provides additional missions and rewards. It is its premium currency, China, which is usually used to purchase cosmetics and consumables, account services, and unlock premium Daeva Pass levels.

    The Aion Classic is the return of Aion's unique rift PVP. The portal is open between the Asmodae and Elysea realms. Use your PVP coins to receive exclusive PVP missions. It can also be used to purchase special rewards to help players improve their rankings. The ranking is a very important part of players. Players who want to improve their rankings can choose Buy Aion Kinah. The faction-based fort siege also completes the classic PVP experience of Aion, where players from competing factions fight for the goal. The winner will receive a special reward.