Aion classic summary.

  • Aion Classic was officially launched in Western countries. This 2009 MMORPG witnessed an era when subscription-based payment models became the standard. The payment model has been understood as a necessity. The core mechanism of Aion revolves around the protagonist and eventually has wings and can fight against enemies in the air in PvE and PvP. According to the data, a famous person talked with Mike Shreffler, the chief producer of Aion in the NCSoft West Publishing Office, to discuss some of the features in Aion Classic.

    The Aion Classic Edition restores the original four core professional fighters, scouts, mages, and priests. Challenge the balance and progress of the main version, as well as two upgrades for each class. Its progress is slower. The past dungeon and the past hunting area. Based on the above reasons, players can choose Buy Aion Classic Gold. However, the most important changes NCSoft made to Aion Classic are related to the PvP balance and siege system.

    NCSoft no longer randomly occurs PvP siege events but moved Aion's siege to a static time, and a schedule will be released every week. When asked about the timing of such a siege, he was quoted as saying that if it was set by a timer, it would be much less, but as far as the schedule itself is concerned, they did a good job, according to the position of the player base Optimized the timetable. It sounds like NCSoft will monitor player activity in the West to change the diary during peak hours. The static schedule should give PvP players a sigh of relief, as it will be able to plan and coordinate teams for these specific siege battles.

    Compared with the initial launch of Aion, another major change is the subscription-based payment system. Aion Classic is still a paid game. But there will be a new subscription service called Siel's Aura. Non-subscribers can still use the Aura of Shir one hour before the game every day, and the experience is halved, and they will not be able to earn abyss points in the wild or in missions. In order to enjoy the game, players can choose Buy Aion Classic Gold. The subscription fee for Siel's Aura is the same as many MMORPGs, at $15 per month, but it will be available for free during the first week of Aion Classic's release.

    Finally, the Aion Classic may also have a battle pass with the addition of the Daeva Pass, which provides additional tasks and rewards and its premium currency. This currency allows you to purchase account services such as cosmetics, consumables, and name changes. In addition,  enables you to unlock advanced levels in Daeva Pass for more rewards. As one of the above players, I appreciate that Aion may have some modern updates, including weekly siege plans and free battle passes.