Path of Exile 3.14.1 patch point out improvements in Ultimatum

  • Long before Path of Exile was about to add patches to Ultimatum, the developers had already publicized the instructions for the latest patches. This patch fixes some bugs and issues in the new extension that have been frantically complained by players. The development team has made targeted improvements based on the issues reported by players. It has also greatly improved the game experience of players. The most serious is that GGG allowed some streamers and content creators to bypass the queue.

    When players stand in the Stone Circle, they may stand in a larger circle. The monsters that were originally in Stone Circle will also allow players to gain more experience points and rare items after death, making them consistent with other Ultimatum encounters. The developers also re-enabled the Razor Dance Ultimatum modifier to allow players to have more diversity to enjoy the newly expanded content. They also improved various visual effects in the Trialmaster encounter. The bug that the monster cannot disappear after Buy POE Currency.

    The patch notes also include many more conventional fixes and improvements, involving character tables, unique rings, caldera textures, and some editing issues. If you assign the chaos inoculation keystone passive skill, the character in the game will show immunity from chaos damage. It clarified that the buff of the snow cloak will not cause players to take less damage. This is purely describing the change. In addition, it also stated that fanatics can reduce all POE Currency. The developers also further optimized the stability of the client’s operation.

    For players, these patches will be more able to optimize and enhance their gaming experience. For those players who are pursuing better achievements, they need to buy more POE Currency and POE Orbs to enhance the strength of their characters in order to collect more benefits in future events. Remember, Path of Exile will never disappoint players.